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GetYourFeelzOn.com is a subscription-based Emotional Wellness Education and Training website. Featuring 121 digital products and tools, there are many resources available to guide and support you on your Emotional Wellness journey.

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Emotional Wellness While You Sleep.

Our Night Lights offer the potential to experience the positive benefits of Emotional Wellness during the night.


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Our Daily Feelz™ offer the potential to experience the positive benefits of Emotional Wellness during the day.


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Our combined Daily Feelz™ + Night Lights subscription offers the potential to experience the positive benefits of Emotional Wellness during the day and night.

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Track your journey with our interactive programs included with all Daily Feelz™ subscription plans.

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Experience the three-part breath revolution.

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Education and publications on the Living Breath Process, the Feelz™ Life Experience, etc.

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Our members use their Daily Feelz™ to keep them going through the day and their Night Lights to unplug, relax and recharge at night.


Have the same immersive experience when playing your Night Lights or completing your Daily Feelz™ on both mobile and desktop.

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Our Approach to Emotional Wellness is Centered Around Daily & Nightly Programs

Each Feelz has the power to raise the individual’s particular feelings in percentage capacity to feel self-love while dissolving the negative inner dialogue that could be causing them emotional disharmony. These programs genuinely become digital companions for an individual on their journey to discover how to nurture and support their emotional framework.


About Us

Innovation through Emotional Wellness

Genie O’Malley is an award winning humanitarian and human rights advocate, driving social change for individuals and communities as she leads the conversation on the importance of Mental Health while providing a suite of Emotional Wellness Programs called the Feelz. O’Malley has pioneered an invention known today as the Living Breath Process; a dynamic combination of breathing coupled with language acquisition that is able to speak to, nurture, embrace, and dissolve a person’s “negative inner dialogue”, allowing their own self-love to become the driver of their life experiences as opposed to their brokenness.
“O’Malley has created an entire Emotional Wellness System online where users can create an account and purchase at-home programs to balance their emotions on a budget.”

Recent Work

Santa Cruz, CA incubator (2010)

  • 97.5% Success Rate
  • Opiate, Heroin and Methamphetamine Incubator – called Clear Mind Healthy Planet.
  • Provided Programs, Education and Community Initiatives
  • Provided Turning Point for Individuals Within Santa Cruz, CA

Individuals That Trust Us

“Sometimes I am so tired when I remember my breathing. Sometimes my head is resting on the computer when I begin. But afterwards, I feel alive again and in some way, some unearthly way, my life has been transformed and keeps being and feeling transformed. I catch myself smiling all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle like every human being, but I feel lighter and I keep smiling. I just love it.”

Brad Johns

Celebrity Hairstylist, Red Door Salon

“This has been a pioneer program in community building through healing. The insight of the program into psychology and natural processes regarding trauma is remarkable. It has the ability to help people at the individual and group level.” Jenn Laskin

Attorney , CA

“Genie O’Malley is a wise, energetic woman whose experiences have inspired her to release her unbridled enthusiasm into this current tome. From this she has created a new psychology, using a fusion of techniques of: insight, somatic, relaxation and cognitive psychotherapy. Her observations clearly demonstrate the practical applications of such insight.” Alan R. Hirsh

M.D., F.A.C.P., Northwestern University

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