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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to questions about the Daily Feelz™, Emotional Wellness, and more.

What is a Daily Feelz™ Program?

Each Daily Feelz™ program is a daily practice that includes a question to complete, audio track to sit and breathe along to, and a mantra to repeat throughout the day.

What Do The Mantras Do?

The mantras build a relationship to the practice with the rational mind. In using the mantras, the rational mind will integrate over the three days how the breath is speaking in your life because it will witness what is written on the card being directly challenged by the negative mind.

Should I Cease My Medication?

We do not suggest that you cease any medication unless advised by your doctor or medical specialist.

Will I Have An Emotional Reaction?

If you do feel emotional when you breathe it will not be an emotional reaction that is charged by the unconscious or the negative mind because the breath Is to take you away from such feelings. If you do experience some emotion simply let it roll over you as a wave while continuing to breathe. The feeling will be filled with a sense of restoring self, peace, love, kindness, and wisdom.

Do I Have To Answer The Questions?

Yes you are required to answer the questions because they are a key component to the practice of the Living Breath Process™. You are answering the questions to access the unconscious mind and dissolve the unconscious thought.