When I entered the Rainforest with a deep need to experience love, I also had a feeling that I needed to embody it as fast as humanly possible.

Not because I was impatient, but because life was at a critical point.

Life was fast paced, depression was continuous, the past abuse a never-ending nightmare, physical health deteriorating and life an all around mess.

If I had to try and figure it all out to be free, it would have taken so long that I may have left my body completely.

I did not have the strength, courage or capacity to muster change that I had to move into mentally.

So my call to the universe was to feel it first and then build it second. I needed to know that love lived, and within this awakening, continue to become.

But the awakening needed to match our current lifestyle; the speed in which life moves for most of us just so what needs to be accomplished in a day can be.

Once the awakening had occurred then came a partner, three children, books, clients, a non-profit, a company and the process in which to nurture and serve.

It was soon realized that awakening within the higher mind needs to be available to us 24/7 for us to be moved at a speed that allows us to engage our awakening within everyday life.

What can become uncomfortable is when awakening only happens at the end of the day, daybreak, a retreat or workshop.

Our awakened life needs to be our life, all of it!

Therefore, we have developed you a process that allows the awakening experience to occur at work, at school, at home with children, as a primary care giver, as a CEO, as a cook, as a traveler or whatever unique role you are playing in life.

The Living Breath Process™ has been experienced by many individuals who have just been mentioned, and they all agree that this process is easily and effortlessly integrated into everyday life – thankfully!

The Daily Feelz shows us that the awakening process is meant to be experienced and celebrated and breathed into everyday life.

Where the beauty of life, the aspects of life that live and breathe purpose, can be supported by those who are awakened to the essence of love!

Written by Genie O’Malley

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Genie O’Malley 2008-2018.