Experience Emotional Wellness During the Night



Emotional Wellness While You Sleep.

Our Night Lights offer the potential to experience the positive benefits of Emotional Wellness during the night.

Our Approach to Emotional Wellness is Centered Around Daily & Nightly Practices.


Emotional wellness entered a new experience with our night lights- various audio tracks that play throughout the night while you are sleeping. The Night Lights aim to cleanse feelings of negative inner dialog. Assisting you to bring clarity to challenging moments.

Available for a wide range of conditions, our Nights Lights may help in alleviating the symptoms of ADD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, PTSD, Chemotherapy, Opiates/Heroin Abuse, Methamphetamine Abuse, Cocaine Abuse, Insomnia, Asthma, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Alcoholism, and many more. We also offer Night Lights to increase your feelings in order to support a healthy lifestyle. Those Night Lights include; Entrepreneur, Endurance, Celebration Breath, Movement Breath, Harmony Breath, Yin Yang Synergy, etc. Click below to find a complete list of currently available Nights Lights.

Anxiety Relief Night Light™ Sample Track

Listen to a brief sample of one of our Night Lights and practice breathing along or simply listen and relax.

Don’t remember the 3-part breath? Click here.

Anxiety Relief Night Light™ Sample


Our Night Lights

Each Night Light consists of audio tracks, meant to be played at your leisure:

Audio Track

Each Night Lights features audio tracks that you will play and breathe along to if you wish. Note: there is a brief introduction at the beginning of each track.

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