Experience Emotional Wellness During the Day


Emotional Wellness During the Day.

Our Daily Feelz™ offer the potential to experience the positive benefits of Emotional Wellness during the day.

Our Approach to Emotional Wellness is Centered Around Daily & Nightly Programs

The 49 Daily Feelz™ are used to cleanse negative dialogue within the brain, allowing you to experience the full benefits of Emotional Wellness. Each Daily Feelz™ program includes 21 questions, one unique audio track and 7 mantras for you to complete. These discreet, digital companions allow you to Feelz Good whenever and wherever you choose.

Feelz38™ Sample Track

Listen to a brief sample of one of our Daily Feelz™ and practice breathing along.

Don’t remember the 3-part breath? Click here.

Feelz38™ Sample


Our Daily Feelz™

Each Daily Feelz™ consists of three parts:


There are 21 questions to complete in each Daily Feelz™ program.

Audio Track

Each Daily Feelz™ features one audio track that you will play and breathe along to. Note: there is a brief introduction at the beginning of each track that you may skip through after listening to a few times.


There are 7 mantras within each Daily Feelz™ and are the last step in practicing your Daily Feelz™. Simply read aloud once you’ve finished breathing, and at any point throughout the day when needing to reconnect to with your practice.

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